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Our Story

"Demonstrate love by giving it, unconditionally, to yourself.
As you do, you will attract others who will love you without conditions." #loveyourself

 We promote loving yourself, loving life, living life, healthy lifestyle, healthy eating, and body positivity. We encourage ethical practices, eco friendly sustainable goods, recyclable and biodegradable materials. To the highest level, we uphold love and compassion towards all living souls.

Taught by her late grandmother, our founder, Angelica Jansen, acquired the education and was compelled to design and create her own apparel during her teens. She possessed tremendous devotion for high fashion, a unique expression of style, and simply blessed with the natural knack and talent for sketching what comes to her creative mind. A perfectionist with a keen eye to details such as fit, construction, and quality; an advocate for sustainable living with the passion and drive to create beautiful, unique, sexy, and timeless activewear that are kind to our mother earth, she created Girl On Fire.

What is your fire? What drives you?
Don't hide your blessings and talents.
They exist for the world to see.
Show us your Fire.


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